Personal Fitness Trainer – Tel – Aviv , Israel

Personal fitness training at any time and place you choose

Personal fitness training enables healthier lifestyle: Exercising twice or three times a week with a private fitness coach according to the targets and the specific needs of each trainee. Those targets will be dictated by a professional instructor who will form a unique personal program of exercises.

Exercising with professional instructor wins the best results and has so many advantages which may lead to a change of approach as regards to the bodily activity: a creation of routine of athletic activity as lifestyle, focused exercises, maximal utilization of time, and maintenance of the results of the exercises by emphasizing the flexibility and strength, and by having control on balanced nutrition

Running training: A professional instructor will build this program to be focused on effectiveness and on progress. This running program includes exercises such as interval (interludes) and fartlek (running in a changeable rhythm). For additional details see running coach.

Stretching training: A personal coach focuses on flexibility and an enlargement of the ranges of the movement. These exercises definitely can upgrade your weekly training routine, and be integrated in the training program. For additional details see stretching coach.

Fitness-TV Coaches train you either at home or alternatively in nature, in the nearest parks.

Trainings for children: Personal fitness training to a child, especially for the purpose of fitness improvement and development of self confidence, is the absolute solution. At our place you will find experts in this field

Personal fitness coaching is suitable for a wide variety of population

People who are not in good shape: Training with a personal professional instructor improves general fitness and insures safety exercises.

Personal training is suitable of course also for people who are in good shape, people who wish to maintain their routine of exercises, who would like to earn an accurate safety exercise by the personal guidance which will advance them quickly and efficiently.

Group of high-risk: Group of high risk (heart and lung diseases) and also pregnant women or after-birth women should have personal guidance accordingly.

Children and youth (over age 6): Bodily activity with a personal fitness trainer is the absolute solution for losing weight especially for self esteem. In those cases, attendance of an expert instructor is critical.

Shani Shragai, one of our expert personal fitness team, is the perfect coach. She graduated Wingate School, and has specialized in infancy and childhood. Shani has acquired the knowledge in movement instructions and in bodily activity of children.